Easy Cruella DeVille Costume

If she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will!

Keeping to my tradition of unique yet simple costumes, this year I went with none other than the evil villain Cruella Deville. You won’t find her in stores, she’s a rare gem. Out of the massive crowds I did not see one other Cruella and I’m happy to say this was one of my easiest costumes. It was a real hit and I got tons of compliments!

To make a long story short, this is what you need:

A simple black dress, black or red heels, red gloves, cigarette holder, black and white wig, and dalmatian fabric.

The details:

Like every girl I know, I already had the black dress and black heels. I found the wig at party city on clearance ($20) this was the most expensive part of the ensemble. I picked up the cig holder and gloves at a spirit Halloween store super cheap so I splurged for some fishnet tights (optional). Now for the main part, I went to our local fabric store and found Dalmatian print that felt like a furry soft blanket for a whopping $7 (to my luck it was also on sale plus I had a coupon)

I used the Dalmatian fabric as her coat/shawl. This is what made her outfit. Cruella is not complete without dalmatians. I cut into my liking so it wasn’t too long/big and draped it over my shoulders. I also used a few safety pins to hold the middle together so that I didn’t have to constantly hold it. This is suggested for your personal comfort.

Now you’re ready to hit the town and seek out any owners of cute Dalmatian puppies you want to skin and wear. Hahaha Enjoy!

Easy Cruella DeVille Costume

Easy Cruella DeVille Costume

Easy Cruella DeVille Costume

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