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50+ Coolest Homemade 101 Dalmatians Costumes

When looking for DIY costume inspiration from movies, 101 Dalmatians costumes are an iconic choice. Not only are the spotted pups adorable, but for a terrifyingly evil costume,  Cruella De Vil is a true winner.

I’m not sure why movies targeted at children need to be quite so chilling, but that’s for another discussion. On the positive side, villains do provide with excellent costume details. Perhaps that is why they are so much fun when it comes to homemade costumes.

Take Cruella’s hair. The black and white sides are done fantastically well in this section. Her cigarette holder is the perfect prop for a scathing Cruella look.. I can see the appeal of acting like evil incarnate for one day.

The title characters themselves are found here as babies in adorable little get ups. This costume is also great adult for group costumes. The larger the better!

Have fun looking through this section and creating your own good or evil 101 Dalmatians costume.

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