Awesome Cruella De Vil Toddler Costume

My daughter is three years old loves the movie 101 Dalmatians. For Halloween she requested a Cruella De Vil toddler costume!

I found it almost impossible to find dalmatian print items so I purchased a shawl from Etsy, and used it as a scarf.

I made the jewelry and the trick or treat bag (from purchased fabric).

I purchased the gloves off amazon and dyed them red. Her “magic wand” (cigarette holder) came from amazon. I used a dress from her closet from H&M, black tights, black moto boots from gap, and a white fluffy coat from old navy.

I Sprayed her hair, put on a little face paint, and voila! She looked awesome, had a blast, and received a ton of compliments! She even sang the Cruella De Vil song as she was trick or treating!!

(We added the puppies afterwards for fun :)

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