We wanted to do something unique and cute that no one else would have! We went to the local fabric store and bought the Dalmatian print fabric. We also bought the red stretchy sequin material and Cruella’s white furry shawl at the fabric store,all being super cheap! Then we started on our easy 101 Dalmatians and Cruella De Vil group Halloween costume.

For the Dalmatians, we wanted to make dresses, so we hemmed the top and bottom by sewing, making it into a strapless dress. We saved some room at the top to pin it in back to get the dresses on. We made the Dalmatian ears, by using headbands we already had and sewing the ear shape leaving an opening on the bottom. We then put a pipe cleaner through the ear to help shape the ear and attached the ears on to the headband with the pipe cleaner. For the belts and collar, we just used a safety pin to fasten them in the back. The little bone charm on the collars, were purchased at a pet store on clearance, that added a great touch! The face makeup was done with white face paint and a wedge sponge and using q-tips for the black spots!

For Cruella, we used a black dress that we already had and used leftover fabric from the Dalmatians to line the sleeves and bottom of the dress. This was done by using safety pins and added an awesome touch to our costume! The white fur shawl was purchased at the fabric store and was pinned together in the front. The red gloves and long cigarette holder were purchased at a costume store to add as accessories for the costume. The hair was done by using spray in hair color and the Dalmatians helped Cruella do that one!

We had so much fun putting together the costume from going shopping to spending a couple nights together working on it! The hardest part for us was sewing the fabric together but after that it was a piece of cake. Once we were all done and ready we really enjoyed taking pictures and getting into character! Everyone’s reaction to our costume was a great feeling that it was a hit!