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Coolest Cruella and her Dalmatians Group Costume

We wanted to be something very obvious but did not want to buy our costumes or borrow someone else’s. We thought of doing Disney villains but figured it might be too common. We liked Cruella so we decided to to a Cruella and her Dalmatians Group Costume because we have not seen that combination together.

We saw Dalmatians and Cruella’s but never together and most adults do not dress up as Dalmatians. We bought cloth from fabric stores and hand sewed our own costumes. Cruella’s dress was bought black and simple but pieces of the Dalmatians fabric was added to her costume to match the Dalmatians so people would know we were all part of the same group. Different accessories were bought from stores like dog collars and tags for the Dalmatians to wear.

Cruella holds a cigarette at all times so we bought that from a costume store. The Dalmatian’s ears were made out of headbands and wires shaped into ears and covered with fabric. We wore our own earrings and made our own gloves. Cruella’s hair was crimped and half of it was sprayed with white colored spray made for hair. We had a lot of fun making them and got a lot of crazy reactions!

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8 thoughts on “Coolest Cruella and her Dalmatians Group Costume”

  1. The total cost for the Dalmatian outfits was probably less than 20 bucks each! its cheap and easy! go to downtown LA for the fabric…you wont need more than a yard for each costume

  2. can i copy ur dress 4 my daughter’s geography hw.. they r doin a fashion show. her theme is Dalmatian.. so can my daughter copy ur dress….pls…. :)


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