Awesome DIY Cruella Deville Costume

Homemade Cruella Deville Costume

This Homemade Cruella Deville Costume is my best costume so far. I took an old black dress (they’re always good for something) and sewed faux fur around the edges and painted on black spots. I bought a long string of fake pearls and borrowed the white gloves. I also made the cigarette holder by painting … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cruella DeVille Child Costume

Homemade Cruella DeVille Child Costume

My daughter is 7 and decided that this year she wanted to be Cruella De Ville for Halloween. Since they don’t make this costume in her size, I knew that it would have to be homemade, even though I am not a good sewer. She was very excited throughout the preparation and thrilled with her … Read more