My wife and I made these Woody and Buzz Lightyear costumes from Toy Story with some help from a friend. It was a blast getting recognized while we were out in the city. Buzz got so much attention when she was “flying” around the streets. We really brought people back to their childhoods!

First, for my Woody costume I used:
– yellow long sleeve shirt from Walmart with the pattern drawn on with brown marker and buttons made out of paper
– red handkerchief from the craft store
– brown foam cowboy hat also from the craft store and made to look more authentic with some thread sewn around the edges for detail
– cow print fabric vest literally glued/sewn onto the shirt
– my own denim shorts and belt with cold paper taped on top for the buckle
– borrowed cowboy boots
– I even made a fake pullstring to attach to my back so I could say “There’s a snake in my boot!”

The Buzz Lightyear costume was more complex:
– she wore a black long sleeve shirt and white sweats
– the purple “hood” is actually one of my scarves wrapped and pinned in place
– arm and leg cuffs made from poster board
– the main part of the suit is made from wrapping poster board around her body and taping it with white tape, then cutting up a big cardboard box to place over her head. I kinda just cut and taped around her until it looked right. Then I decorated it with green duct tape and colorful paper and foam.
– the wings are made from white foam with a combination of paint and duct tape

…. to infinity and beyond!!!