Awesome Homemade Wizard Of Oz Costume

The Wizard of Oz is one of many popular themes done during Halloween, so I knew I had to make it as original as possible, also considering topping each year before, so I took a trip to the nearest home depot, grabbed a cart and searched the isles. I ended up going through every piece of sheet metal until I found this ultra thin aluminum already forming a tube like shape. It was in the area where they have the stuff that goes behind your laundry machine. I grabbed about 12 of them, some mini screws to hold everything together, sheet cutters, some silver duct tape for the sharp edges (any metals are extremely sharp, you must be careful when dealing with it), and a hole puncher from a fabric store, along with some poster board and spray paint.

About 3 weeks later and about 300 dollars, I had finished this Wizard of Oz costume.

 Wizard of Oz Costume

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  1. That is the coolest costume I have ever seen.. That tin man can sure make a costume!!!I’d love to know where I can find one just like it.


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