This Costume was planned to be made before the one wearing it was even here, The Wizard of Oz has always been a very important movie for my family. My Grandfather, Charles Augustus Gischel had a virus settle in his heart, he got on the list for Kidney one and received his heart transplant in 1990. He was referred to as the Tin man because he too needed a heart. After a successful heart transplant we had my pappy in our lives for 5 more years. He died after being over medicated undergoing a procedure to remove gall stones. Since everything has happened my Aunts and mother have collected Wizard of Oz things. I had heart surgery at 9 weeks old, which makes the tin man even more special to me. I had my first baby girl this June. But for my baby shower I had gotten little red sparkly shoes which started the whole costume. Here is how it was done:

Everything was made with love. With Blue Gingham fabric, and white 100% cotton fabric.

To make her costume my aunt and I measured her by hands. 4 hands long, 2 hands wide… etc.

We used a Dorothy Pattern. This can be purchased online or from some craft stores.

Everything was sewn together according to the pattern. Since she is 4 months old and is on her back still, we made the back of the shirt Velcro instead of zipper. The skirting (under the blue dress) was made out of 100% cotton and the very last eye let fabric that my pappy purchased for my aunt. The blue dress tied in the back to make dressing the baby easier, especially with Diaper changes. The hardest part about the costume was putting it on a squiggly back and hot gluing the head band and hearts on the dress. (Hearts are our personal touch) A matching trick or treat bag was made and Toto on my great grandmother’s basket with a beanie baby was hot glued onto a gingham blanket which lined the basket… The best part for me was spending time with my Aunt and making a beautiful meaningful costume. The best part for my aunt was seeing the baby in her first Halloween costume!

We got a lot of reactions; we took her out trick or treating twice and took her to the mall in her costume. Every door we went to people complimented her. They loved the costume; she even had the blue socks like Dorothy did. My mom was so happy to her in a wizard of Oz costume and was happy her sister was part of it.