Coolest Viola Swamp Costume

I dressed up as Viola Swamp for the 2nd graders whose classroom I have been  ‘student teaching ‘ in. They got a kick out of it! I actually managed to put together this costume during recess and picked them up looking like Viola! I had just read them the book the day before.

I wore all black clothes which do not show in my picture. I wore a basic black pencil skirt, black top and black penny loafer shoes. I happen to have dark hair, so I just teased the hair I have and threw it up into to two pigtail buns. I used blue eye shadow on my eyes and red lipstick to make the red circles on my face. I don ‘t own black lip stick so I colored my lips in with black eye liner. I also gave myself a black mole using black eyeliner.

The best part of my costume, I believe, was my nose! I bought a latex witch nose at a Halloween store for $5, maybe less. It came with special latex glue to glue it on. Don’t let anyone talk you into buying the glue remover–you don’t need it! It came right off in the shower, I didn’t even have use the remover I bought! The latex nose and glue DEFINITELY work better than putty! I tried to use putty to create a big Viola Swamp chin and it fell off after just a few minutes! You can see where it used to be attached in the photo I posted. If you have a lot of time to sit and form the putty to your face, then I am sure it probably would work just fine. I only had 20 minutes to get completely dressed and ready, so the latex nose and glue was the way to go!

This was an extremely fun costume! All the kids in the school knew just who I was! Perfect costume for a teacher or anyone who will be around elementary school-aged students! You can even tie it to literature! Always a plus!

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