Cool Ursula Costume

My mom loves the song under the Sea So I was downloading the song when I suggested she should be Ursula – she didn’t like the idea but I stated Googling images of costumes and seeing hideous no where close store-bought Ursula costumes. I decided that I was going to take on the project.

This was so much fun! I found an old black Prom dress at a thrift store for like 10 bucks – it was the perfect start. So I started stock piling Ursula supplies. Like where do you find huge seashells? Michaels craft store.

But I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to do the Tentacles. Until one day I just started and the Idea truly started to come together.

Being a life long homemade Halloween costume maker I seriously think that store bought costumes just ruin all the fun. This has to be one of my favorite costumes I have ever done. I think it turned out beautiful and I couldn’t be more happy with how wonderful it turned out.

I hope you have as much fun looking at the pics as I had wearing it.

Ursula Costume

Ursula Costume

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  1. I love this costume! You did such a fantastic job, it looks very professional. How did you make the tentacles? They are perfectly curled in place, did you use some sort of wire? I have a whole year to work on next year’s costume, thanks for such a good idea!

  2. Very cool! I think you did a fantastic job. Store-bought wouldn’t even come close. I might have to copy this some day!

  3. Well I took two pieces of material black and purple cut them into triangles – sewed them like pillow cases, then stuffed them with filling and just used a single wire coat hanger and placed them in each one and attached them to the bottom of the dress.
    Tip – the more you stuff the heavier the costume.

  4. My daughter is needing a costume just like this for her dance recital. They are doing a Disney villains musical theater type of number. I would love to know if you ever had some kind of pattern. if not show did you attach the the tentacles?

  5. That’s amazing! You’re right, the store bought ones are awful! My best friend and I are taking his mother to the not-so-scary Halloween party @ Disney in the fall and she wants a costume. I’d like to try because this may be her last trip (she has a degenerative spinal disease and has already outlived doctors’ prognosis) but I’m not sure where to start. I am pretty crafty & creative and her husband can use a sewing machine, so we’re hopeful. We’ve decided to all go as villains and she wants to be Ursula. I’d like to try to copy your idea if that’s okay. Do you have any suggestions for how to attach the tentacles to her wheelchair instead of her? Thanks for the idea and any suggestions you may have.

  6. Hey Girl-

    I am speechless! You did an amazing job and I have been trying to find a costume worthy of Ursula, with no luck. Would you be willing to rent it out, with a refundable deposit to secure that you get the costume back? I so want to rent this costume for HALLOWEEN this year!

    Please contact me either way!



  7. I love this costume and have been searching everywhere for a costume of the sea witch from the little mermaid.
    Would you consider renting or making a costume for me…
    My Daughter wants me to be the Sea Witch she loves the movie and she wants to be Ariel.
    She is 4 and we even roll play everyday in the car with the Disney song she really wants me to be Ursula –
    Thank you so much

  8. Ok so I’m going to try this but I may need a little guidance. I just have 1 or 2 questions about the tentacles and the back of the dress…thanks



  10. That costume is amazing. Are you willing to give a bit more direction on what you did to make it work? I am challenged in the sewing area, but would love to make this costume.


  11. We are kids putting together a show for kids that have never been to Disney world. We are going to a shelter for foster children and we are going to let them meet some characters! :) we are soo excited we cant find the right Ursula outfit though. Why do we need the Ursula, well what show is good without a bad guy?!? :D Anyway when we saw your outfits we were amazed! We were hoping that we could buy your Ursula costume. since we are kids we don’t have that much money soo please send back a message and tell us whether we can use it or not :) it would mean a lot. and also tell us the price when you send the message. Thanks soo much!
    P.S. Thanks for all your help!

  12. You never did say how the tentacles attached to the dress. I know you used a hanger in there. But did you sew it off at the bottom of the tentacles and then sew it to the dress? You did an amazing job, and have definitely decided what I want to be. I was thinking if you could find a strapless bra and sew it into a dress that you found at a second hand store or could eliminate the top and just paint your arms and back. Either way.. very exciting costume. Thanks for the idea… and Iawait your reply.

  13. This costume is the best I’ve seen. I am attempting to make it out of my old prom dress. How long are the tentacles? How wide is the triangle where you attached it to the dress? I am still confused about how you attached it to the dress to get it to stand up so straight. I know I have asked a lot of questions, but I would be very grateful if you could help me out. Thanks

  14. Hey Sarah! It doesn’t actually give your responses to the questions posted, so I’m going to repeat one and hopefully you can just email me! I am wondering if you made a pattern for this fantastic costume, or if you are possibly willing to sell or rent it? If you could email me that would be wonderful and I would appreciate it so much! My email is Thank you so much!!!

  15. Wow, its been a busy year and I am going to redo Ursula this year again because I went to work last year for halloween and that was it the costume got no love. so for the offers to buy it or rent it sorry it will be being used this year. I cannot log into the account to respond to each person individually so I will answer as may questions.
    Unfortunately there is no pattern to this outfit its all in the ol’Noggin.

    About wearing a strapless bra with the dress I would suggest not doing that without having something supporting the weight of this costume it is heavy. The shirt Idea worked out pretty good for me, with the over stuffed bra lets face it shes super well endowed helped support the weight of the costume as well.

    I will be reworking some of the tentacles this year as The attachment in the back was a bit messy.

    I tried to post more pictures of the dress so you could see how it worked better. I will have to get a flicker account so you can understand what I did a bit better.

    This dress worked multiple different ways as the tentacles could also come down onto the floor so you would see me standing with the 6 coming down so it would be all black. And I had attached Velcro to each one and the dress to hold them in place for when they are up.

    For attaching the tentacles think of the dress then with the attachments hanging off the bottom of the dress. Then lifted up and attached. I used Velcro. Just like Ursula really is super long when the tentacles are down. They are sewed on to the bottom of the dress.

    About the Wig and Make up – I have drag queens for dad so they helped with the wig and I took makeup tips from them.

    Happy Halloween!

  16. Thanks so much for the help. Velcro is an awesome idea. I will post pics when I finish it. I really appreciate your advice.

  17. You did such an awesome job on this costume would you be willing to sell that costume or make another one for sale?

  18. I have been looking for 3 years for a costume like that for my Grandmother. When I was little my Uncle Mike told me and my 3 cousins that Ursula was my Grandmother off of the Little Mermaid. That is why I have been looking for one just like that.

  19. I loved the costume! We need to make a costume for a little theater production. How did you make the tenacles? Do you rent the costume or would you make one and I will pay you for it? We need it May 16th.

  20. Great costume-I need one for my daughter-she is in a play and has been picked to be this villain-do you make these for people-I see many have asked but the response is not posted-could you let me know-thanks,

  21. What a great costume…. do you have any instructions on how you made it? I need to make one and haven’t a clue how to start…

  22. What fabric was your dress? And what fabric did you use for the tentacles? Can you give me an idea of how long each tentacle was – and did you make all 8, or count your legs as 2??

    Thank you so much!!!!


  23. Awesome Costume!!! My daughter is going to Ariel and my son Sebastian…. so I am going to be Ursula but I would like to know how you made your costume!!! and I love the hair…. could you email me back on the specifics…

  24. Hi. I LOVE your Ursula. I am trying to make one like yours. I am using a dress I have outgrown and am in the midst of making the tenacles as per your instructions. The one tentacle I have just finished is heavy like you warned. I will use less fill for the next ones. I am not sure I will be able to move around much once its done. Wish me luck :) A

  25. Would you be willing to sell it? I live about 40 min from Marietta but I go to school at KSU so I’m up there a lot. Every year I dress up with my daughter and next yr she’s gonna be little mermaid so I was gonna be Ursula. my e-mail is

  26. This is the best Ursula I have seen. I have a up coming costume party and want to go as her, I was going to wear a corset top and a make the bottom. Can you please email me your instructions on how you did the tentacles and how you attached them. My email is Thanks.

  27. I have been looking for a Ursula costume for a long time and have been upset bt the few I have found. Your costume is outstanding and I love it! Good for you for making it on your own…rock on! I am not crafty enough to do so myself and was wondering if you loan or make this costume for others. Please contact me and let me know either way. Thanks


  28. My question is the same as Jules (above)?! My husband and I love doing themes with our kids for Halloween and my daughter really wants to do Little Mermaid. We have all of the costumes but my Ursula costume. I’m not impressed with others I have seen, but I LOVE yours. Are you willing to make them for others, or rent them?

  29. Hi… I’ve been looking for the Ursula Sea Witch costume for many years. Unfortunately, the ones that the stores carry are “crappy” and just plain ole “just ain’t right” “no not even”. I’ve been Maleficent, Spooky Spirit, Queen Elizabeth, An Angel, Fat French Maid, Glinda the Good Witch as well as a very Nice Witch and Bad Witch. Don’t get me wrong they all were very “true to life” costumes but I just couldn’t find “Ursula” until I saw you online. It’s to die for :-). You need to make patterns so the rest of us can purchase and by Ursula for that special season… Kudos to You. I wait patiently for your pattern… Hopefully in 2012… Ya Think? Willing to Wait!

  30. This year my daughter wanted to be Ursula and like all the other posts I couldn’t find anything good (or suitable) for an 8 year old. I too decided to make it but couldn’t figure out how to make the tentacles . . . until I read your idea of the triangles. This worked beautiful. The costume turned out GREAT!! It as a bit heavy but she didn’t care! She was the hit of the day! Thanks again for helping make a third graders Halloween dream come true!! Now for the Evil Queen for next year!!! LOL

  31. Thank you for posting this online. I’m making a costume for my halloween party this year and the theme is villains. I’ve been planning the costume for 2 years and never quite figured out how to make my tentacles work. Combining you and the inspiration from the extras from the movie has given me PLENTY of ideas! I would have loved to see more pics but the link was being stupid. congratulations on a job well done!

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