I wore this Riddler costume last Halloween – my band was performing a show at a Six Flags and we were encouraged to dress in costume.

This costume ended up being a bit pricey in the end, but I think it was well worth the trouble. Purchased the jacket on eBay for about $40. Got the hat on eBay for about $30. These were the two most expensive pieces, but I was completely unable to find a Kelly green suit jacket or bowler anywhere else. After that, everything came together more easily. The gloves and tie/vest combo came from Amazon for a combined total of $20. The domino mask was originally a Ninja Turtles style mask (i.e. wraps around head) that I modified and secured to my face with spirit gum. I went to the local craft store and picked up purple fabric for the hat band and handkerchief, and made the question mark on the hat with a stencil printed from the internet. The slacks and shoes I already had. Time constraints made me unable to make a cane, so I picked a cheap one up from a party store.

As an unexpected bonus, the backstage area we had to travel through had a Batmobile from an old Batman stunt show. I couldn’t resist taking a picture with it!