Coolest Homemade Lady Riddler Costume

I wanted to do something different from all the usual un-original witches and dark angels you see out on Halloween. After much thought and as I’d never seen a female Riddler then this Homemade Lady Riddler Costume was the idea for me.

My shopping list was as follows: Long green vest top (Ebay £6), Mini bowler hat (Ebay £10), Black fabric paint (Ebay £2.50), Green fabric paint (Ebay £2.50)

Using some cereal box card I made 3 different size question mark shaped stencils which I then used to pen the question marks all over my vest top. I then filled these in with the black fabric paint. I painted my little hat green, stenciled and painted a small question mark on the front and sewed it to a plastic head band so it wouldn’t fall off while I was out.

Previous to starting my costume I had been looking for a cane like the Riddler’s (Jim Carey) in Batman Forever 1995 but failed to find one anywhere and had almost resigned myself to not having one at all when I came across a piece of Styrofoam at work and was inspired. On the night before Halloween I spent a few hours making the masterpiece that was my cane. Styrofoam carved into a question mark, screwed to a bouncy ball which was then screwed to a wine cork which slotted into a cardboard tube. Finally reinforced with more cereal box card, lots of masking tape and spray painted gold.

On the night I pimped up my costume with a black pleated skirt, black over the knee sock and killer heels.

My costume went down a treat.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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