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Sexy Catwoman and Riddler Homemade Couples Costume

My husband and I attended a Superheroes vs. Villians Halloween Party. We dressed as Catwoman and the Riddler. We had a great time making our own costumes as opposed to buying the run of the mill regular costumes. Couldn’t talk my husband into wearing his mask, but everyone still knew who he was. Description of how they were made is below:


Bodysuit bought on Ebay, cat ears and mask made using a template, knee high boots came from my closet, gloves came from Walmart (bought regular gloves for $1.50 and cut off the fingertips). Black belt came from closet.


Green long sleeve button down shirt came from closet as did the black pants and tie. Hat bought at Hobby Lobby (used 40% off coupon and hat came be around $5), bought green stick-on felt paper and cut out question marks and put them all over the tie and one on the front of the hat (this is the most tedious part, but it’s really not that bad. They stick right on and come right off so you can reuse your clothing or the hat later), for the Riddler’s cane I bought a $2 plastic pitch fork from Walmart and unscrewed the pitchfork from the top. I used card board and cut out a question mark and spray painted it gold. Cut the question mark to fit into the plastic cane.

All together I maybe spent around $25 bucks for both costumes, however the majority of that (around $18) was spent on the body suit.

Hope this is able to help someone! Happy Halloween costume making!

Sexy Catwoman and Riddler Homemade Couples Costume

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