I wanted to be something different this year so after going through a lot of ideas I finally came up with one I had never seen anyone do. The Riddler and Two Face. I love Batman (and Jim Carrey hence the Batman Forever look I was going for) and knew Two Face would be the perfect match. I had never seen any girl dress up as the Riddler, so I knew it would be unique like I wanted.

The Riddler costume wasn’t too hard, just time consuming. I purchased a body suit online and added all of the question marks using black fabric paint and fabric glitter, shaped them with a paint brush and blow dried them with a hair dryer to quicken the pace. The hat I also bought online and added the purple ribbon, which I painted with purple nail polish after a failed attempt with paint, and added the question mark with the same glitter and fabric paint.

I bought the cane online for about $6 and it really brought it all together! My make was a mix of face paint and green eyeshadow to get the color I wanted. The Two Face costume was a little easier because we bought the suit online and just added a few details! The face was a lot of fun, we used latex and shredded cotton balls for texture and used red, brown, black and white for the burned look.

We also used black eyeshadow around the eye to make it pop and give an even more burned look to ensure no skin was showing on that side. Everyone loved the costume! We were told many times we had the best costumes of the night. The girls loved the fact that I was a male character (something a lot of girls don’t try and pull off) and was still able to make the costume “sexy” and “feminine.” I loved being one of my favorite villains and being able to pull off a male character. This costume was the most fun I’ve had so far and it will be hard to top it next year!