Coolest Riddler Costume

I started this Homemade Riddler Costume with a hunter green suit because I wanted to go with the understated, darker Riddler instead of the flashy one. I had the pants altered to my length and I took 2-3 inches that came off and saved them for the band around my bowler. I purchased a black bowler from a costume shop because getting a bowler to match the color of my suit would have been impossible and I wanted to go for darker anyway. I took about an inch and a half wide strip from the scraps of the pants legs and fashioned a hat band so the black bowler would mesh well with the rest of the costume. I went with a black long sleeve dress shirt to stick with the dark theme and match the black bowler. I found a purple tie at Kohl’s that was understated but had some texture to it. I found some purple satin gloves on amazon for like $5. I already had the black shoes.

For the staff I went to our local hobby lobby and picked up a wooden stick, a wooden ball and a wooden number five that had some nice curls at the end of it. I cut off the roof of the five and turned it upside down and BOOM… question mark. I then used wood clue and dowl pins to attach the upside down five to the ball to the staff. I sprayed it with a can of krylon gold and then spared a small cut out of a question mark the same color. I hot glued the question mark to the hat. The cut out was out of some foam material that we found at the local fabric store. I went through several attempts on the masks but in the end I had my fiancée use makeup to put a black mask around my eyes.. everything else I tried looked cheesy.

Homemade Riddler Costume

Homemade Riddler Costume

Homemade Riddler Costume

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  1. Hello:

    I have been searching for a while for a green suit like yours. My question is how the heck did you find the perfect colored green suit?! Lol. Did you dye it that shade of green or did you just happen to find it locally or online?


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