Coolest Riddler Costume

This is my Riddler costume. The Riddler is the lead vocalist in my husband’s band ‘The Villains’. It took some time to find the correct green to make the suit with. Then with the chosen pattern I was underway.

There are 72 question marks in three different sizes on the lined jacket. A friend and I hand drew the questions marks on paper and then transferred the design to ice cream container lids as the firm plastic made a good template.

After they were cut out an iron on webbing (vliesofix)was applied to the back ,it turns the question marks into an iron on applique. It took a while to place all of the question marks in place so they looked good, they were just pinned onto the outside of the jacket, the lining is added later.

Once happy with the placement it was just a matter of carefully ironing them into place. Then the sewing, each question mark took 5 minutes doing satin stitch, that’s roughly 6hrs. Then the lining was added and the jacket was finished.

It has matching plain green pants. The purple shirt was just traced of an existing shirt that he owned, and the gloves made out of the shirt fabric. The hat was just a cheap black bowlers hat bought in a party shop. It was black, I just painted it green and added the question mark. The tie was made by my friend out of the suit fabric then I just added the question mark. The mask is made out of craft foam.

I have also made two other costumes in the band,The Joker (my husband & bass player) and Dr Evil (the drummer). I will add these costumes to the site also.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Riddler Costume”

  1. Hello, I am helping my son who is also in a band, try to make a Riddler costume as well, he will be 20 yrs old tomorrow, but he will forever be a fan of “BATMAN” even when he’s 90 yrs old, as well as “SPIDERMAN”, and many more……So, any way, I just had to say, the costume you made is just AWESOME!!!!
    it’s actually much better than any of the store bought costumes……Take care, Jamie

  2. My brother is getting married next year as the riddler and we are having problems getting a suit! How much for this suit as its fantastic and the best i have ever seen??


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