This was my first attempt in making a costume. I made the entire Rainbow Brite costume as well as the wig.

Growing up, Rainbow Brite was my hero! So I decided to be her for Halloween. It was such a hit. Everyone at the Halloween party I attended raved about it. I had so much fun being her that night!

To make the costume I simply printed out a ton of Rainbow Brite pictures and drew out a design. I went around to Value Villages and Thrift Stores and found old dresses, material and stuff and managed to put it all together. I actually hand stitched the outfit because I don’t own a sewing machine. Man, I put hours into this outfit.

After I was finished the outfit I looked around for a wig but nothing looked right, and since I have very short hair I had to wear one. So, I bought 2 straight yellow wigs and took them apart and what you see in the picture is what I managed to come up with. I was actually quite happy with the result.

Altogether I would have to say that it was my best Halloween ever!