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Awesome Homemade Rainbow Brite Costume

This was my first attempt in making a costume. I made the entire Rainbow Brite costume as well as the wig.

Growing up, Rainbow Brite was my hero! So I decided to be her for Halloween. It was such a hit. Everyone at the Halloween party I attended raved about it. I had so much fun being her that night!

To make the costume I simply printed out a ton of Rainbow Brite pictures and drew out a design. I went around to Value Villages and Thrift Stores and found old dresses, material and stuff and managed to put it all together. I actually hand stitched the outfit because I don’t own a sewing machine. Man, I put hours into this outfit.

After I was finished the outfit I looked around for a wig but nothing looked right, and since I have very short hair I had to wear one. So, I bought 2 straight yellow wigs and took them apart and what you see in the picture is what I managed to come up with. I was actually quite happy with the result.

Altogether I would have to say that it was my best Halloween ever!

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14 thoughts on “Awesome Homemade Rainbow Brite Costume”

  1. Hi Laura,

    I love your costume! I am interested in buying, or renting it, if it fits. Please let me know if you are interested.



  2. Your wig is awesome!!! It matches perfectly, you could make some money trying to make those cause I have tried finding a wig to go with my Rainbow Brite costume everywhere and NO ONE HAS anything!!! you did an excellent job on it on the entire costume at that!!!

  3. I love this!! It is soooo much better than the crappy ones the stores sell. I absolutely love it, and the wig – it is perfection!

    You did an awesome job, and should be so proud!

  4. I saw this on e-bay and thought it was the most amazing one on there and I should have got it then cause now its gone and I don’t know what to do for Halloween!

  5. Hi I’m not sure if you even check this site anymore but if you do…could you please tell me how you did your wig? I would be very grateful. Thanks. Candie

  6. hi I’ve been looking for the right Rainbow Brite costume but never found the right one. How much would it be if you can make me one to thank you alicia

  7. My name is Laura as well, this costume is amazing, Ive been trying to find a Rainbow Bright Costume for YEARS and cannot find one i like, If you are planning on getting rid of this I will gladly buy it from you, if it fits me.

  8. I have a cartoon themed party next week and really wanted to go as Rainbow Brite and cant find one. I like until now, Are you renting this at all?

  9. Hi Laura,

    I see that this is an old comment stream, but I am very interested in buying this amazing costume from you. Please email me at the above email address and let me know if you still have it and are interested. Thanks!! :)


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