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Coolest Homemade Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume

Ever since I was 3 years old I have wanted to be Rainbow Brite for Halloween. Remember those old McCauls Rainbow Brite costume patterns? They made such nice looking costumes! I have a picture of a 3 year old me standing next to my BFF of the time who is in this perfect Rainbow Brite costume, I was giving her the most dangerous cut eye! This year I decided that I was going to make my first home made costume and I was going to fulfill my lifelong dream of being Rainbow Brite.

The trouble is that those McCaul patterns, well they don’t exist anymore. Using some pictures of the cartoon from the Internet for reference I printed out the pictures and went off to Fabric Land. I tried my best to find the best matching colours but I think the purple of the arms is kinda off. But all the fabric only cost about $32 that includes quilt stuffing that I used for the arms and boots and a zipper.

I found a free basic dress pattern online and then taught myself how to sew using youtube! Those two put together and I had my first sewing project.

I found out that cutting the fabric seems to be the hardest part, that and figuring out how a sewing machine works.

First I made the arm bands, I cut the fabric, cut the stuffing and then sewed the bands together (think of making a pillow). To make them into a sleeve I ran the ends through the sewing machine and then pulled the sleeve inside out so that you couldn’t see the seams.

Then I made the dress, cut the basic pattern and then worked on making it fit my body. I attached the top part to the skirt and then put in the zipper. Then I added the belt (which is my favorite part! EXACTLY like Rainbow Brite’s colour belt!) and attached the white trim on the bottom.

To make the skirt puff out I bought a crinoline skirt from Liquidation World for $2.22!

And that’s it!

The wig I bought on eBay for $9.99 and the purple ribbon from Michaels for under a $1.

It took the better part of October to make this homemade Rainbow Brite Halloween costume but now I’m hooked to sewing and making my own costumes!

Homemade Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume

Homemade Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume

Homemade Rainbow Brite Halloween Costume

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