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Coolest Monopoly Costume

Monopoly is my favorite game ever! Really I collect monopoly boards. So I decided to be the “Monopoly girl” coming out of the board.

I got a piece of cardboard and cut an oval hole out of the center. Then cut the back so I could get in and out of the board. Driving and getting through places was a little difficult haha. Then I made a board to glue on top and painted the perimeter black to make it look snazy. I made little game pieces from cardboard and hung them off the front. I wore a vest top that I had and pinned Monopoly money to it. I got a top hat at my local costume store. I borrowed a bow tie. I made the cane from poster paper that I glued and painted black.

The whole Homemade Monopoly Costume probably cost about ten dollars for me to make. This was my favorite costume I have created.

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