Coolest LEGO Minifigures Homemade Halloween Costumes for Boys

These LEGO Minifigures homemade Halloween costumes were our boys costumes last year. They love the Lego Minifigures so they both wanted to be their favorite one for Halloween  We started searching for a perfect Lego head and finally found a large cheese puff container that was the perfect size we then covered it with a stretchy fabric and cut out the eyes and mouth and added nylon fabric to make them dark but also allowed the boys to see.

We also added a foam disk to the top to make the bump. The bodies are just cardboard boxes with shirts over them that matched the theme of each Lego guy then made the hands with drink koozies, one for the wrist and another cut for the hand then covered them with the same fabric as the head. The paintbrush was made from a huge crayon piggy bank from the Dollar store that has the top cut off the glued pipe cleaners to it to make the bristles. We had a lot of fun making them.

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