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Coolest Jack In The Box Halloween Costume

This year I wanted to be something original for Halloween. I looked around on the internet for ideas and I noticed that this site had illusion costumes. I thought I would try to make a variation on the Alien Abduction costume.

Mine was a Jack in the box Halloween costume carrying away Ronald McDonald in a box. It took a bit of time to make, but people loved the costume and I even won a costume contest at school. People at a party kept asking me if I was one person or two. Best part of all, no sewing! It’s as easy as taping everything together. Just make sure the Jack in the box hat and nose and well attached, people like to pull on them.

I am a big fan of duct tape, so to get the bright colours I wanted, most of the details I added to the costume were done with duct tape. The following things items were all coloured with duct tape: the jack in the box head, hat, nose, smile, eyes, the box the clown is carried in, the clown shoes and the stripes on the socks. Instead of duct tape, paint or markers can easily be used to add some fun colour.

For the jack in the box head, I bought a large bouncy ball and taped it with white duct tape. I cut out the hat and the nose out of cardboard and taped them on to the head. To get the jack in the box body, I taped the head onto a used up duct tape roll that would act as the neck, and I taped that onto a large foam board, which provides the shoulders of the costume. I put the board inside of a back pack, so that I could carry the jack in the box behind me. To finish up the jack in the box man, I added an old business suit and a tie. My feet were the jack in the box feet, and I simply wore black pants to pull off the look.

For the clown, I bought a wig and painted my face. I had a red and white striped shirt on first, followed by the back pack. Over top of that I used an old yellow shirt to cover the straps. To make it look like I was being carried, I taped the fake legs to the inside of a cardboard box. The legs were made of a yellow table cloth, cut up to look like pants, taped over socks that were stuffed with more socks for the realistic 3D look. Finally, I added shoes to the stuffed legs.

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