The conception overall was pretty easy. I wanted people to recognize the costume as well as wonder where I bought it. With that in mind I didn’t relize just what I was in for.

Between numerous revisions, resulting in countless trips to the craft store and looking at all the pictures the web could offer. Lead to restless nights and missed meals. Others had tried. However I strived for perfection. Mostly made of styrofoam, I found that spray paint at close range doesn’t agree with it. So styrofoam putty patched the hole in my heart, I dust myself and try again. The suit and tie cost $8 at the local thrift store. Dress shoes. Check. Hole drilled at the mouth for drinks. Check. I was ready to go.

Two steps into the party and evey two steps after. I heard, “HEY JACK!”, and, ” Jack, can I get a picture?” Which was no problem however, all night and every picture went as follows. “Wait let my find my phone.” “Hey get in this pic!” “Can you take is for us?” And, “How do you work this?” Not to mention all the obscenities women wanted to do with Jack. A married man stood under this costume. My wife dressed as Hulk Hogan, present and almost annoyed to the point of releasing “THE POWER OF HULKAMANIA” on to all. Brought me to end the evening as a guy in a suit carring Jack’s head. In addition, the popularity of this costume drove another individual to want to, “Jack” me, after I turned down the $250 he rudely offered me.