I had decided early on to go as JACK (from Jack in the Box restaurants) and my wife decided to stick with the fast food theme and go as WENDY (of course from Wendy’s). We added the “baby” JANDY, to solidify the merger.

The JACK head was all paper mache. I used a big playground ball as the form and then deflated it. I wore it with the aid of an old baseball helmet that I had secured inside with expanding foam. I could see out of the mouth thanks to some dyed cheese cloth.

Wendy Costume was pretty simple, just found the outfit at a thrift store, made the name tag on the computer and modified a wig with a wire hanger to hold the curl.

Baby Jandy was made from an old doll, left over paint/paper mache, red yarn and some hot glue.

The whole Wendy and Jack in the Box Costume was a big hit. We even wore them in to the local Jack in the Box Restaurants & Wendy’s for some added KUDOS.