Cool Jack in the Box Costume

For my works Halloween contest, I wanted to be something different and I thought, why not Jack? so it took me awhile but I definitely got through it and made this Homemade Jack in the Box Costume.

I started with a giant bouncy ball you get from the beach, paper mache, and with a lot of layers, he finally came alive. After the ball was popped, I painted him white. For the eyes, I cut blue circles out of foam. The hat and nose was out of foam too, and those were just large circles with a triangle cut from the middle so when it is folded over, they make the cylinder shape. I hot glued them together.

For the mouth, I cut out red foam in the shape of his mouth and cut a rectangle inside the mouth so that I can see. Then took red (you can paint it, or find it red) shear fishnet and glued it where the rectangle was. To keep my head in place, I took cardboard paper and made a tube that fit my head. Then placed that tube inside the head and taped/glued it. When I put my head into the big head, it should sit nicely in the tube (its like a burger king crown only without the pointies, just a solid tube taped to the top of the giant head). I know confusing, but I promise, it worked. The thing about doing that tho, is the head is made for your head and your head only. So no sharing, haha.

I went to a thrift store and got a man’s small jacket, (I’m only 5’2 haha), borrowed my dad’s tie, I had dress pants/boots/white collared shirt for myself and I called it a day. Needless to say it was awesome, took me like 3 1.2 weeks and 30$ but it definitely got some attention.

Homemade Jack in the Box Costume

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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