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Original Homemade Jack in the Box Costume

I wanted to make a Foreclosed Home costume for Halloween, but my mom explained that it could hurt someone’s feelings; after all there are a lot of people in California who have recently lost their homes. So then she said, “Why don’t you go as Jack?” I thought, OK, so how do I make a Homemade Jack in the Box Costume?

OK, so now for the cool part. I spent all night long taking pictures with people at 2 Jack in the Box restaurants, while I was trick or treating, and everyone thought I was too cool.

My favorite part of the night was that, when I went to the second Jack in the Box restaurant, the cheer leaders from my school were there. They didn’t know it was me at first and wanted to take pictures with “Jack”. Then they found out it was me and started giving me all kinds of hugs etc !

You know that they say, “mom’s always right”!

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