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Coolest Incredibles Couple Costume

We absolutely loved the movie and since my husband is 6’6″ tall and looks almost exactly like Mr. Incredible, I thought it would be a great idea to dress up as “The Incredibles” on my favorite holiday. I ordered the body suits from a dance company in New York (they were very comfortable, considering the weather in FL but a little pricey). I sewed on the collar in similar black material. We wore black Speedos over the bodysuits (we blacked out the logo), and I ordered the boots and gloves online. I made the logos out of felt from the local craft store, using pictures I found online as a guide and glued them on using fabric glue, with little bullets sewn on for added security. There are so many accessory companies out there, it was pretty easy to find reasonably priced accessories (i.e. boots, gloves) online while comparison shopping.

I purchased a wig from our local beauty supply store and Viola, a Homemade Incredibles Couple Costume! We were a hit and to this day, people compliment us on our costumes and ask us why we never entered a contest on Halloweeen. I love Halloween, and it was great to participate with these costumes, meanwhile appreciating the hard work other people put into theirs.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

4 thoughts on “Coolest Incredibles Couple Costume”

  1. I could NOT believe how amazing, I mean incredible your costumes looked. You did a wonderful job!!! You two looked the part!!!!!

  2. OMG what great costumes!!! That’s our theme this year!! I researched bodysuit online but no luck. I would’ve loved to have made them too!!

  3. I doubt anyone will read this since this post was from 2 years ago, but I am trying to do these same costumes for Halloween this year and could really use some help as I am NOT a do it yourselfer. LOL. We really want to do this mostly for our 2 boys to see their parents as superheroes also! Would really appreciate any help I can get!



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