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Coolest Homemade Violet (from The Incredibles) Costume

When I was in high school, I participated in another school’s theatre program. Every year the theatre department had an Awards night, with an awesome theme. The theme the year that I went was Superheroes Vs. Supervillains. My Mom and I were searching for a super (heehee) cool costume for me to wear. We decided instead to make our own. The only question was, what character could I pull off? I could’ve gone as Catwoman, but that was a little too mature for me. Instead, my mom and I agreed that Violet from The Incredibles was a great choice. I had been told before that I look like her, especially when the movie first came out.

My Mom and I went to department stores and thrift stores alike, searching for all the pieces of my costume. Let’s start from the bottom up.

  1. The boots-I happened to own a pair of black leather boots, which were perfect for Violet.
  2. The red tights-The tights were surprisingly warm. I found them in the naughty section of the Halloween store (and was quite surprised by all the costumes they had).
  3. The black shorts- Any spandex shorts will do. I chose a pair of really comfy ones, the kind a volleyball player would wear.
  4. The yellow band- Funny story about the yellow band. Guess what it really is. You give up? It’s really a strapless bra. It was in the junior section, and it fit my waist perfectly, so we decided it was the right one.
  5. The red top- Believe it or not, the red top was the hardest part to find. I wanted a close fit, since the costume is fairly stretchy and tight material. In the end, we found a red spandex top at a thrift shop in perfect condition for less than 10 bucks. (score!)
  6. The logo- My Mom ironed a few pieces of felt together and ironed them onto the top. Pretty easy.
  7. The gloves- I found a really cheap pair of ballroom gloves at a thrift store, and they were perfect for the costume. They also kept me really warm.
  8. The mask- My Mom took a piece of felt, cut it into a mask shape, cut out the eyes, and tied yarn to each side.

All in all, this costume was really easy to make. The Awards party was a blast, and I even got a standing ovation when I made my grand entrance. I used this costume for more than just the Awards party. I wore it for Halloween during my freshman year of college, and ended up winning the college Halloween costume contest. I also wore it to a children’s Halloween festival. I got to pass out candy and help kids with the games and stuff. It was really fun to do, and I’ve volunteered every year since then to help out at the festival. One kid dressed as Superman even came up to me during the festival and demanded a hug because “we’re superheroes, so we’re best friends”.

This costume means way more to me than I can say. It was not only fun to make, but it’s given me a lot of really great memories.

Coolest Homemade Violet (from The Incredibles) Costume

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