Coolest DIY Violet from the Incredibles Toddler Halloween Costume

This DIY Violet from the Incredibles Toddler Halloween Costume was so much fun to make! I used foam in 3 colors for the logo: black, orange and yellow. First I cut out an oval circle out of the black foamy then I cut out two orange C’s and a yellow I out of the foamy. Then I proceded to glue the I in the middle of the oval, the C’s on both sides.

For the body I used an old shirt as the pattern and used red stretchy fabric and made the red long sleeve shirt. I did the same with the pants. I got some old pj bottom that fit her tight and used it as a pattern for the red pants with the same stretchy fabric, for the black shorts I also used some old shorts that were tight on her and used some black stretchy fabric and made her some shorts and black boots that she already had.

The black gloves were made by tracing out her hand on some paper then I placed the drawn hand on to some black stretchy fabric and cut out the shape of the hand and the i sew it and turn it inside out and that’s it. I repeated the same step for the other hand.

I glued the logo in the center of the shirt. The mask I used black felt that has sticky on it just cut out the mask and make to holes for the eyes and peel the back and that’s it.