Coolest Wonder Woman Costume

Well, this year I wanted to dress up as Wonder Woman but it was a lil expensive for the costume, so I started brainstorming and decided to make my own Wonder Woman Costume.

I went to a fabric shop and bought pretty blue and gold fabric, foamy white, and a glittery red and yellow. I bought 1 yard of the blue and gold fabric. The foamy fabric – I bought 2 yards of white, 1 yard of yellow (plus another large yellow), and 1 yard of a red glittery fabric.

With the yellow fabric I started to create the tiara and cuffs. I took the yellow foamy regular size which was 8 x 10, divided it in half, cut it in the middle and then took the gold fabric and covered it completely. I then took the larger foamy and folded it in the middle and drew the shape of the tiara, also covering it completely.

Since my mom is a seamstress, I gave her the fabric and she made a skirt out of it. I took the white foamy fabric and cut out lots of stars and pasted them on the blue skirt my mom had created for me (putting stars all over the skirt). I then took the glittery foamy fabric and cut out 3 stars and glued it on the tiara, and cuffs.

For the top – I had this red tank top, cut off the straps and sewed it to make it look strapless… I drew the Wonder Woman icon on the yellow large foamy fabric that was leftover, I cut it out and covered it with the gold fabric. I glued it on the red shirt.

As for my boots, well I used my black boots and a gold springy-like cord for lases. When I was done I was excited with the outcome. My kids and friends loved my Wonder Woman Costume. I hope this helps.

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