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Coolest Incredibles Family Costume

Our family decided to be the Incredibles Family. I started Bob, Helen, Dash and Violet’s costumes with a red unitard, and Jack Jacks’ with a red sleeper. Each costume needed a black collar (sewn on swimsuit fabric), black “undies” (ready made undies for adults, amended black leggings for kids) with orange trim (sewn on swimsuit material), an Incredibles logo (made of felt), gloves, mask (made of craft foam) and boots (tall boots for the girls, and spray painted fishing boots for the boys). Jack Jack needed a black collar and black wrist cuffs (sewn on swimsuit material), black footies (painted acrylic paint on existing footies) and a mask (though my baby wouldn’t wear it!).

We had lots of fun in our Homemade Incredibles Family Costume, received lots of compliments and had many pictures taken of us by neighbor. Of course, they might be for bribery purposes down the road!

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