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Cheap and Easy Homemade Incredibles Costume

I decided on this cheap and easy homemade Incredibles costume about three weeks before Halloween (I based if off of pictures of the characters I found on Google. It wasn’t that hard at all to figure out what I needed).

I wore a pair of sheer, red tights ($5, Target), black underwear for under the tutu ($5, Target), and elbow-length black satin gloves ($5, Target). Closer to Halloween, I saw that the weather here in Oklahoma would be much too cool for sheer tights, so I went back and bought red jeggings ($10, Target). I also bought a boys’ large athletic long-sleeved shirt (approx. $7, Walmart) so that it would be tight like spandex, but cheaper than Under Armor.

I borrowed from my Wonder Woman friend a pair of knee-high boots (any black boots or boot covers would look fine, though. Leather is best!). The black tutu was made by my sister from a strip of elastic (less than $5, Hobby Lobby) and about 3 rolls of black tulle (less than $5 each, Hobby Lobby). Use more tulle for a longer, fuller tutu and less tulle for a smaller one. CAUTION: It is very difficult to get the tutu to lay flat against your legs. Mine stuck straight out, which was cute but does not cover much (which is why I bought black underwear) and can catch on things you walk past (doorways, walls, other people, etc.).

The Incredibles logo was made from 3 colors of felt, cut into their shapes ($0.25 each, Hobby Lobby) and glued onto my shirt using fabric glue (less than $5, Hobby Lobby). And guys, I’m not creative or steady-handed AT ALL and I think my logo came out perfectly  It’s not as hard as it looks! Finally, my mask was painted on using black liquid Halloween makeup ($2, Walmart) and a small makeup brush that I already owned. I used black eyeliner/eye shadow for close to my eyes so they would not get irritated from the liquid makeup.

Drawing the mask is not too difficult, either, but I would practice a couple of times before you go out! If you still need help, just have someone do it for you. As you can see in the photos, I do wear glasses, but they did not mess up my mask at all, except that the nose pieces rubbed the makeup off, but that wasn’t noticeable with the glasses on. I didn’t wear any jewelry, but I used a black plastic headband to keep my hair back and out of my makeup/face.

And that’s it! Altogether, I put about $50 into this costume over the course of just under a month. It could easily be cheaper or more expensive, depending on what adjustments you make. And honestly, you can always return things like the tights, jeggings, gloves, etc. after you use them and get your money back  ( just make sure you don’t soil anything by wearing the tights without anything under them or anything like that. Please be considerate)!

I did get tons of compliments on this costume (mainly from children: “Mom, LOOK! It’s an Incredible!”) but I did get some adults telling me that I had a cute/cool costume. I hope you also enjoy it and I hope that the instructions are easy to follow! All information I gathered was found on either Google or Pinterest. Thanks for reading and happy Halloween!

Cheap and Easy Homemade Incredibles Costume

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