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Coolest Homemade Incredibles Family Costumes

My son wanted to be Dash from The Incredibles, but I didn’t like the commercial costumes. So I made his myself. The others soon followed since they were so simple. My husband works in an office, so he went as ‘Bob Paar’ in a suit with the shirt peeking through (he even bleached his hair for the occasion).

Here’s what you’ll need to create these homemade Incredibles family costumes:

A red long sleeve crew neck t-shirt for Insignia-

1. Cut an oval out of gold felt (about 6″x4″).
2. Cut a smaller oval out of black felt
3. Cut the ‘i’ out of yellow felt (make a template out of paper first to get it right)
4. Use fabric glue or ‘Heat and Bond’ to attach the pieces together – black to gold, then the letter ‘i’ (reinforce with stitching around the edges to make it last longer).
5. Use ‘Heat and Bond’ on the gold oval and iron to the shirt. Stitch around the edges for durability in the wash.
6. Use a light yellow fabric paint marker to make a large dot inside the yellow felt dot over the ‘i’.

Other than that- red sweatpants or leggings, black shorts (for small children, black opaque tights with the legs cut off will work) – wear shorts over the pants, black boots, black gloves, black face paint (for mask), black wig (for Violet).

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