I made both the Pebbles and Bamm Bamm couple costume for under $25!!


  • I was able to find a teal skirt, green tank, brown skirt and a black shirt (cheaper then material) from Goodwill $8.00
  • Heat’n Bond from Walmart $3.00
  • Small plastic bones and Caveman Club from Halloween City $10.00 & $2.00
  • Thread (Tan and Dark Brown)
  • Velcro- two small strips
  • Scissors
  • Marker/Pen



I cut the skirt from my ankles to just over me knees and removed a made in cami from the tank top.

I used Heat’n Bond on the black shirt to create the “triangles” on both Pebbles’ top and Bamm Bamm’s bottoms. I put the Heat’n Bond on the shirt first, allowing me to draw on the backside of the Heat’n bond paper. This made the cutting triangles out go much faster and smoother then free handing. Once the triangles were cut out I simply ironed them on to the green tank and skirt, as I wanted.

I also used the Heat’n Bond to make a new hem on the skirt. By putting the skirt inside out it was easy to create a small boarder of Heat’n Bond around the edge of the skirt that would be at my knees, then simply fold the edge of the skirt back on the SAME SIDE of the skirt (making it end up on the inside of the skirt when turned back).

I used a bone in my hair to finish the Pebbles look. I pulled my hair half back, held a bone in front of the hair tie, flipped my ponytail over the bone, and pulled my ponytail back through my hair.



To make the brown woman’s skirt look… well not like a woman’s skirt I purposefully bought it too big for my date. This allowed me to cut it (top to bottom) where it would normally fit him at his belly button. I then overlapped the new seam about two inches to the left side of the skirt (when being worn). I used a lighter tan thread to tack (X)s down the seam about 2 inches. I think this really added a caveman look to it. I added more tacks around the waist and further down the seam (about 4 inch) in dark brown thread for security.

I didn’t want my newly created seam to be straight so I used the Heat’n Bond again to make the top layer that over lapped curve (more at the bottom then at the waist) creating a small opening at my date’s knee.

The shoulder strap for Bamm Bamm is another piece of the black material from the goodwill shirt. I used the last of my Heat’n Bond to tack two pieces together at the shoulder to make it long enough to go across his body. The strap should go from his right hip in front to his left hip in back. I used Velcro on the ends of the strap to secure them to the shirt, sewing one side of the Velcro to the strap and the other to the skirt by hand.

Lastly, I added two bones making an X on the front end of the strap ($2.00 from Halloween City for a pk of 18). These bones already had holes in the sides that made sewing them on EASY!