This Halloween, I wanted to be Pebbles! I was Pebbles when I was 4 years old but this Halloween I was like “I want to be grown-up Pebbles!” Oh, and the fact I finally found my Bamm-Bamm.

So this is how I went about in making our coolest Pebbles and Bamm Bamm homemade Halloween couples costume:

Step 1:

I started gathering materials end of September beginning of October. I ordered some dance booty shorts online. They were about $20 they came fast in the
mail too!  Then I went on to eBay or you can go hunting around for a lime green tank top. I got mine off eBay just because it was easier for me. It’s best to get a tank top that is shorter because Pebbles has a short top. I also was thinking I need to get our bones! One for my hair and a little bone for my boyfriend’s costume! So I contacted an old friend through Facebook. We were best friend’s in 3rd grade and reconnected through Facebook! She makes bows so I asked her to make me my hair bone and my boyfriend’s bone!

Step 2:

After I got ALL the ordering out of the way, I went to JoAnn’s Fabric store and got a big fabric marker to make Pebble’s triangles on her shirt. I work at a grocery store so I got one of our left over cardboard boxes and cut up a triangle for the tank top.

Step 3:

Pebbles was easy to do, no-sewing involved! Bamm-Bamm was a little different. I was going by the cartoon picture of Bamm-Bamm costume as my guide. I gave my boyfriend the option of picking out his material. We went back to JoAnn’s together and basically measured him at the store. He picked out the orange tiger-looking material because he didn’t want me to draw triangles and it would be easier according to him. I had a coupon for JoAnn’s so his material was less than $20. Later on, I designed it on him while the material was on him and pinned him and everything. I told him wear whatever shorts you want to wear underneath so he can get a feel to make sure he’s comfortable in the material. Then I went to my grandma’s house because she has a sewing machine. It took me longer to design it than for her to sew it! She was like “that was it?!” It was cute. The strap/stash we sewed on the back of the inside of the “skirt” and then later I styled the  “skirt” and his strap/stash. My boyfriend had an old rocker wig from a couple Halloween’s ago so he cut and trimmed the wig and spray painted it white. Along with that, he went and bought a plastic caveman club for $6.99 at Halloween City. Party City was completely out of caveman accessories at the time.

Step 4:

Halloween night he got an old white undershirt and cut it up to wear. We live in Ft. Worth, TX so Halloween night weather-wise is always a coin toss. It can be super cold or super-hot. This Halloween ended up being nice!