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Creepy DIY Zombie Costume

This Zombie Costume was simple to make – I just got some old clothes, ripped a few holes in them, and added some red food colouring and dirt to them.

For the make up, I started by painting my face, neck and arms white; then I smudged black eyeshadow around my eyes to make a greyish-black colour, then added black eyeliner around the eyelashes to emphasize the eyes. Then I went to work making my scars, which were simply made by putting pva glue wherever I intended the scar to be, and put ripped up pieces of tissue paper onto the glue. When it was dry, I added the red food colouring, and also put food colouring at the sides or my mouth, and around my wrists, letting it run.

For the hair, I simply backcombed it a LOT, then sprayed with lots of hairspray, and added talk for a greyish effect. Obviously, I also had white contacts in just for added effect.

Homemade Zombie Costume

Homemade Zombie Costume

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