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Coolest Homemade Teen Wolf Costume

I bought the shorts, vest and socks on line to start with the look of this Homemade Teen Wolf Costume. Next was the hair, oh the hair! I bought 4 cheap £3 brown wigs on line and proceeded to cut them into strips (cut along the webbing inbetween the hair strips), used the longer ones for the legs (to go all the way round) and shorter bits for the arms (any excess hair I stithced into the arm holes of the vest).

Next up how to stick the hair to me. Read many things about gluing but didnt want to be in a sweaty nightclub and start shedding hair and didnt want to go down the fabric look as real hair is much more wolfy. So I bought some elasticated strips, cut them to size and sewed them into a loop and attahced to the webbing creating elasticated hair!

Now the head. Bought a barbarian wig and beard set on line, trimmed to suit cutting off the braided hair and stuck a pair of cheap novelty 80’s shades on to complete the look.

Do go down the route of wolf ear tips, face make up and fangs but was so much hair I couldnt be bothered but dont think it made much difference.

This Homemade Teen Wolf Costume went down really well and had numerous requests for pics to be taken with random people. Great costume to make if you get the chance!

Total price:

basketball set – £35
wigs and elastic £15
beard and wig – £20
shades – £2

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