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Coolest Homemade Sharknado Costume

This year, I was determined to actually put forth an effort on my Halloween Sharknado costume.  Now, obviously, my costume was based on the terribly SciFi movies Sharknado and Sharknado 2.  And surprisingly enough, the costume came out pretty much exactly like I had pictured it.  Here’s what I used for the tornado:

  • Metal Flower Stand/Tomato Cage
  • 10 yards of gray tulle (could have used more if I wanted)
  • 5 yards of black tulle (again, more would have worked as well)
  • Soft Plastic Sharks (found them at Hobby Lobby)
  • Any kind of string or yarn
  • Stapler

It was actually pretty simple to assemble.  Just start from the top and wrap the tulle around.  I used string to tie the tulle to the cage, and used the stapler to connect the layers so there were no empty spots.

For the sharks, I cut holes in them and strung them with this gray, black and while glittery yarn I found, and tied them at different lengths to the cage.  That’s pretty much it!

The rest of my costume was Chuck Taylors that had fake blood on them, ripped up tights and skirt, and a gray track jacket, since it was cold out.  My favorite part of the costume was my face.  Also not that difficult.  Just gray and blue grease makeup for the top part (dust with baby powder to keep from rubbing off) black cream makeup and black eyeshadow for the eyes… the mouth was just black and white cream makeup, covered again in baby powder and eyeshadow, and red lip-liner and stage blood for the outline.

I was definitely a crowd favorite at the bar I went to, but unfortunately lost the contest to a headless bride :(.

Coolest Homemade Sharknado Costume

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