Coolest Homemade Rose Petal Fairy Costume

My homemade Rose petal Fairy costume is the coolest ever, here’s why…

My name is Elizabeth, I am a mother of 3 children – 2 boys Jordan aged 10 years and Willow aged 7 1/2 years and a little girl Ruby just turned 1 years… I live in beautiful country South Australia on the Yorke Peninsula. Recently I have been interested in costume making after watching The Martha Stewart show. So I decided to try making my own…

I made a homemade rose petal fairy costume, I made this costume for my daughter Ruby she is one yrs old. I got my inspiration from all the beautiful flowers and plants that grow here in Harvest season and spring.

It took me about a month to make and design, the main trouble I had was fraying on the edges of the material and I solved that by washing the fabric once. I’d cut the shapes I wanted and then I sewed them and glued them in place. I also used a fabric spray I think it was called – Craft Smart Fray Stop, it works great and it’s not expensive.

I was very pleased with my first attempt at sewing and costume making that I will continue to make more, I hope you like my homemade rose petal fairy costume as I know my daughter, family and I all do.

Homemade Rose Petal Fairy Costume

Homemade Rose Petal Fairy Costume

Homemade Rose Petal Fairy Costume

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  1. I am so please and proud of you Elizabeth for making such a wonderful costume and Ruby looks so cute in it. You have done marvelously. Good on yer. Love you heaps and I am so glad that you enjoyed what you made, the buying of the materials, the learning different steps and everything. Love Grandma


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