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Cool Homemade My Little Pony Group Costume

We decided that we wanted a Homemade My Little Pony Group Costume for Halloween this year. So, we just took solid colored dresses in lavender, baby pink, and white and attached symbols that we made to the back.

Mine (the lavender pony) was a strawberry sundae, the pink pony had a rainbow, and the white pony had a butterfly. We painted these symbols onto foam using acrylic paint and taped them down. Pins were used for reinforcement to make sure the emblems stayed in place. Then, we took colored hair extensions and attached them together with a bow to make a tail.

We dyed and added colored streaks to our hair and bent cat ears to look like pony ears. Lastly, we glued gems to our bodies and sprayed ourselves with glitter spray from head to toe. We used heavy eyeshadow in purple and pinks and put lavender cream based eyeshadow on our lips to stain them.

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