My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Princess Twilight Sparkle Costume

My Little Pony EG Princess Twilight Sparkle costume, in humanoid form. Costume deluxe. Complete set with wig, ears headband and crown. Homemade by Izobel (me).

This little number was inspired by the My Little Pony Equestria Girls the movie. It premiered June 16th, 2013 and showed at select theaters later in the month for only 2 days. In August it played on the HUB and the DVD was released.

My 6 year old girl, Elisabetta (Eli) is so obsessed and just adores My Little Pony. Her birthday is June 14th and we had a party, My Lilttle Pony Friendship is Magic themed of course. So, I surprised her with an extra treat and took her to see the movie.

She loved it! She could not believe every pony turned into people. First, Twilight sprouts wings and becomes a princess, now this. What next? After the movie I said to her, how about I make you Princess Twilight Sparkle costume for Halloween? She said to me, “Oh thank you Mommy! Thank you!”

Making the Princess Twilight Sparkle Costume

It was the best idea, and it made her day. And that is how I set myself up for making the costume. So, my mind went to work. First, I gathered all the materials and made my own patterns. Also, I did not use any store bought patterns.

I sewed by machine for the most part, but the cutie mark on skirt, design on the boot leggings and the wings was all hand work. I crafted the crown from cardboard, card stock, gold paint, sticky gems, gold wire, glue gun and gold elastic band.

For the wig I used a dark blue wig, gave it a haircut with bangs, layered the mane and pony tail, and sewed in hot pink and purple extensions.

My Little Pony Equestria Girls, Princess Twilight Sparkle Costume