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Coolest Homemade My Little Pony Group Costume

My friends and I decided that a great group costume this year would be to dress up as the “My Little Pony” characters. Since we wanted something cute – but not skin revealing as other costumes girls generally wear – and we wanted something that involved a lot of glitter, the ponies were the perfect fit for us. Here’s how we assembled the Homemade My Little Pony Group Costume:

The Base Costumes:
We all came up with different ways to assemble the base of our costumes and a week before Halloween we went and got iron-on patches, rhinestone iron-ons, glitter, and puffy paint to make our designs. We even had a pony decorating party. We spent probably $20/each on iron-ons and other decorations. Purple Pony spent another $10-15 on fabric, White and Black Ponies reused clothes they already had and Pink Pony spent about $20-25 on her base outfit, fabric, and fabric dye.

– Pink pony had white yoga pants and a white tank top that she dyed pink with fabric dye. Pink’s clothes were decorated with cupcakes and cherries.
– White pony decorated an old white skirt and a white tank top and wore long white gloves, white tights, and white leg warmers as hooves. White’s base was decorated with butterflies and flowers.
– Black pony used an old mini-dress and the bottom of old yoga pants she were cut and wore upside-down. We sewed elastic on the top and used dress tape to keep them from slipping. Black’s base was decorated with dragonflies and flowers.
– Purple Pony: sewed a simple skirt (traced a wrap skirt for a pattern) and a short sleeved shirt (traced a t-shirt for a pattern) from some inexpensive cotton lilac fabric. Also sewed bell bottom leg warmers as hooves from the same fabric (again, dress tape was handy)! To make the long leg warmers, sew a rectangle piece of fabric (length depends on the desired length on the leg; width should be about 2″ short of wrapping around leg) to a triangle piece (same length, but width will start at 2″ at the top and go down to about 3-4″ on the bottom). Purple’s base was decorated with stars and music notes.

We all decorated our clothing with our designs on our “honches” and some more subtle designs on the tops.

Mane and Tails:
We wore colored wigs bought online (Purple and White pony sprayed blonde wigs with washable hair color spray) and used similar wigs for tails. Wigs ranged from $4-8/each.

For the tail, we bunched up the wig and tied a thick ponytail (haha) elastic around the top, threaded scarf-like fabric around it, and tied around our waists. We used a variety of stickers, ribbons and hair clips to dress up our manes and tails.

The ears:
We made the ears using glitter foam that we purchased for $0.99 a sheet at the craft store. We only needed half of a sheet. Pink Pony purchased pig ears at a costume store that were generic enough to work for the pony ears – we traced those and glued together two layers of the foam. We used a knife to cut a slit for a barrette to go through so we could attach to our mane.

Finishing touches and details: The best part of our outfit were the “hoofzies,” which we made out of cotton fabric (Pink used white fabric was dyed with her base clothes). We sewed square mittens which we stuffed with fluff to resemble hooves. We called them “hoofzies” because they made excellent koozies for our drinks! We even used puffy paint to write “(c)83 HASBRO” – a My Little Pony that my mom still had from my childhood had this on its hoof and we thought it would be a nice touch!

For makeup, we used A LOT of glitter and also wore stickered gems on the corners of our eyes. We wore colored false eyelashes as well.

We got a lot of compliments on our Homemade My Little Pony Group Costume throughout the night and it was fun being part of a “herd.”

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  1. This is the cutest costume EVER! I randomly was thinking that this would be a cute idea for this Halloween, but I had no clue where to start – I am copying every single thing y’all did.

    Thank you for sharing your precious costume!


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