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Coolest 10+ Homemade My Little Pony Costumes

Whether you are a child of the 80s or fan of the lastest reincarnation of My Little Pony, you sure as sugar need to check out the homemade costumes below.  DIY My Little Pony costumes are sparkly and fun and are so much cheaper than anything store bought.

Take a look at the prettiest Ponies here to inspire your Halloween costume. If you’re looking for a specific Pony, you will find great examples of a Princess Twilight Sparkle costume, a Fluttershy costume and adorable Spike the Dragon costumes. Also, you’ll find a throwback to a Wind Whistler My Little Pony costume.

In addition, My Little Pony costumes make fantastic homemade group costumes. Cheap accessories really make these DIY costumes sparkle. It’s a fun way to make a girly costume without showing too much skin.

So get your cutie marks ready in order to create your coolest Halloween costume ever! Have a homemade costume to share with us? We’d love to see it here!