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Coolest Homemade My Little Pony Toddler Costumes

Making My Little Pony Toddler Costumes

My daughter (3 years old) is OBSESSED with My Little Pony.  So, for Halloween, she insisted on being Fluttershy.  I have to admit, I was not very keen on the costume choice.  I Googled for ideas. My options were pretty limited to an outfit with a silk screened pony image, maybe some ears, potentially a tail….  very very boring.  Also, I wanted her younger brother to match with her.  I thought another pony costume would be much too feminine, so decided on Spike (the purple dragon).  When all was said and done, their My Little Pony toddler costumes were total hits, and here’s how I made them:

Fluttershy Costume

I bought a pink wig (adult) + cut out the bottom couple rows.  The main part was still big enough to cover her head, and with an elastic band, the bottom served as the tail.

I had yellow fleece lying around (life of a crafter), so I got started on the dress.  It’s a basic pillowcase pattern. One seam down the back (rectangle), cut out armpits, a casing at the top front and back and ribbon through.  Super simple.  I didn’t bother with hems (fleece doesn’t fray).

For the ‘Cutie Mark’ (butterflies), I used sparkly foam from the dollar store, cut the shapes, and glue gunned on.  I bought $3 wings, covered in the matching fleece and attached the tail to them.

For the mask, which really made the costume, I bought a cat mask ($1.25), covered with the yellow fleece, and added cotton batten to the ‘nose’ section.  I then used white and black foam, a blue felt pen, and scissors to make the eyes.  Overall, I was really happy with the final product and most importantly, my daughter loved it.

Spike Costume

I used 1 meter of purple fleece and half a meter of green.  I literally laid one of my son’s sleepers down on the purple and cut out a silhouette.  There’s seams up both sides (from shoulders to ankles).   I cut straight up the center of the back and attached the spikes.

The tail was stuffed with cotton batten and attached by hand.  I cut a circle out of green and also attached by hand for the tummy.  The hood got spikes and was attached to the body piece by machine.

For the eyes, I used foam (same as Fluttershy costume) and glue gunned on.  To get in and out of the costume, I attached snaps up the legs (this also made diaper changes easier).  It ended up being a great boys costume (he growls when he wears it) and super comfy for running around in.


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