When I was little, I was obsessed with My Little Pony, which is why I chose to be one for Halloween two years ago. My friend and I both dressed up as ponies and what we loved about our costumes was how differently they turned out, but they both looked awesome!!

For my Little Pony costume, I bought a white long-sleeved leotard from a dance clothing store online, white fuzzy fabric, and white tights, all of which I dyed turquoise with fabric dye. Dying all the fabric was by far the most difficult part because I ended up having to dye the fabric three times since it always ended up too light or splotchy. I finally got the color right and then I made the fabric into hooves for my hands and feet.. To make the hooves, I cut the fabric and sewed elastic bands inside to secure them to my knees and wrists.

For my ears, I bought a cheap blue headband and some sparkly foam paper in blue and pink. I cut out ear shapes in the foam paper and then glued the ears to the headband. I used pink and purple feather boas for my tail, which I just tucked into a purple ribbon that I tied around my waist. I added some sparkly stickers to my rump and chest, found an old My Little Pony lunchbox on Ebay (which I used as my purse), and used pink hair spray in my hair to add special touches to my costume.

I was so excited about my costume that I wore it around the house days before Halloween. Most women could recognize who I was, but the men had a harder time (probably because they weren’t as obsessed with My Little Pony as I was as a kid).  I loved being a pony for a night!