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Coolest Homemade My Little Pony Adult Costume

My Little Pony was a very popular childhood toy in the early 90’s that seems to have a cult-like following. Although I am not in that cult, I do enjoy dressing up in a Homemade My Little Pony Adult Costume for Halloween!

The outfit began with a light blue long sleeve leotard that I bought online, blue tights, and a pink wig. From there I made a headband for the Pony ears, I used a foam material to cut out and create hooves (for hands and feet) and I bought a white material that looks like fur and spray painted it blue for the fur around my hooves. Both the hooves and fur were attached with Velcro.

I hand sewed on bedazzled stars for my hind quarters, and safety pinned a feather boa as my tail. I also found a My Little Pony metal lunch box as my purse, My Little Pony cup as my keg cup, and a My Little Pony Ribbon to pin to my chest. All in all, the costume was a lot of work, but it was quite a hit. I’m at least hoping that I can get added to your website and inspire some other ponies in the future!

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade My Little Pony Adult Costume”

  1. I ended up finding my leotard on a dance apparel website. I agree though, they are very difficult to find! Sorry I was so late with this post!

  2. Could you include a picture of your feet? I am going to be my little pony for Halloween this year and am having trouble deciding what to wear on my feet. Thanks!!! Your costume looks amazing!


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