I made this My Little Pony costume for my Papillon, Lucy, because I couldn’t find a saddle to fit my GSD. My original idea was to have my GSD dressed as a draft horse and Lucy as a miniature horse, but everyone kept calling Lucy a My Little Pony when they saw her picture. When people see her picture with the costume, they laugh and laugh.

  • I looked everywhere for a saddle to fit my larger dog, and when I couldn’t find one, I thought of using a model horse saddle for Lucy since it was the perfect size.
  • I crocheted the headpiece to fit Lucy, and crocheted the bridle.
  • I used a combination of a mitten pattern for the ribbing of the headpiece and an amigurumi horse pattern to make the rest, including the mane and forelock.  I added holes for Lucy’s ears so she would be more comfortable, since her ears are so big and they could double as the horse’s ears.
  • The blanket is made from a piece of fleece and the saddle is a model horse saddle.

Lucy wasn’t thrilled to model the costume, but as long as she kept getting her chicken treats, she was a good sport.  The pictures that I took of her show her looking less than thrilled, but she’s happy to do whatever it takes for food. The hardest part is keeping the saddle and blanket on when she moves around.  I tied the stirrups together underneath her for now.

I plan on crocheting a jacket to double as a blanket and tie the saddle to the jacket to keep it in place. She also doesn’t like her bridle because it closes her mouth like a muzzle and she’s never had a muzzle on before!

I took the pictures by myself, which was also very difficult because she kept looking at the treats in my hand instead of straight ahead. I put her up on a plastic container and threw the treat in front of her to get the picture.