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Coolest Pony Costume

Everyone always asks me if my dog has a saddle. And I can now say yes he does! I ordered the saddle from minitack.com It is for toddlers to ride miniature horses and it fits perfect. I made his mane and tail from sewing my hair extensions onto a fabric then safety pinning it to his “bridle” (halti collar that I glued crystals to).

The pony costume has a saddle blanket which is a rug from Walmart and the vet wrap around his ankles is from the feed store along with the horse lead.

He won first prize with this costume last year.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

11 thoughts on “Coolest Pony Costume”

  1. I love this! At our recent Blessing of the Animals service, our priest blessed my 94lb. Golden Retriever, Ranger, and said “I’ll bless his saddle later.” That elicited a lot of laughs. He always refers to Ranger as my “horse.” :~)

    While I dont have time to buy a small saddle this year for Halloween, I’ll keep it in mind for next year (maybe at the Blessing of the Animals)!

    You had an excellent idea, and it really turned out well. Thanks for sharing!

    The Rev. Cheryl Bakker, Deacon

  2. Hey, Get Out of My Head! I’ve had the same idea but not the time or money, and wow, did you nail the concept! I also am trying to figure out how to make a lightweight chariot for my Dane…LOL


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