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Coolest Dog Pony Costume

Chrono is an all black German shepherd. With his pointed ears, solid black color, and ginormous size, he gets A LOT of comments about looking like a pony or a horse. So this Halloween we decided to dress him up like a pony as a little joke to all the people who already think he’s a pony.

The halter is made from a dog Halti and altered to have an extra strap across the forehead. I also sewed white fabric on the outside so it would look white. The reigns are made from a leather dog leash with an added metal clasp on the handle so it loops around.

The saddle is purchased, but the saddle blanket is an old bath rug cut to size. The hooves are just black socks with vet wrap wrapped around the ankle. The mane and tail are made from clip in hair extensions that were individually clipped onto his fur. He looked great in his Homemade Dog Pony Costume.

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