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Cool Homemade Macho Man Randy Savage Costume

I made this Macho Man Randy Savage Costume for my son, Eddie. I didn’t even know who Macho Man Randy Savage was before I whipped up this costume. After looking at lots of pictures I came up with my costume design.

First I bought a cheap black leather coat ($20).
I bought some red lycra pants for $9 on sale at a sports store. I bought neon green and red spandex material which I used for the pants and shirt. To get the pattern on the pants and shirt I used wonder- under and was able to iron on the pattern I designed to the pants and shirt.

I used black glitter fabric paint and added polka dots on the red part of the shirt and pants. I used yellow fabric paint and painted lightning bolts on the green part of the pants and shirt.

I used about 3 yards of red, green and yellow cotton material to make the fringe that’s on the jacket and around the ankles. First I sewed the material between two pieces of red ribbon and then I cut the fringe strips. I sewed the fringe under the arms of the coat, across the back of the coat and over the shoulders of the coat. I also sewed the fringe around the bottom of the pants.

I used red, green and yellow and black fabric paint and same color glitters to decorate the coat. I painted the word “Macho” on one arm and “oh yea” on the other. Across the back I painted the word “SAVAGE”. When the fabric paint was wet I sprinkled it with glitter to give the coat a more “glitzy” effect. I used the same method when I painted the front of the coat too.

To make the hat, I spray painted a straw hat with green and red paint. Once dry, I used glue and painted a zigzag from the front to the back of hat, and then I covered it with fine black glitter. I bought the shutter shades for $4 on line and the wrestling belt at a toy store.

It was a fun costume to make and Eddie said his friends LOVED it!

Homemade Macho Man Randy Savage Costume

Homemade Macho Man Randy Savage Costume

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